How to manually connect Outlook to Office 365 Upgraded Version (Exchange 2013)




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    Excellent information, this allowed me to setup my Office365 exchange account in Outlook 2007 and was much simpler to follow than the instructions on Microsoft's site.

    The only thing that varied slightly for me during the process was in the "UserName:" field, instead of inputting "" I had to put in "John Doe".  I actually put in "Doe" and clicked the "Check Name" button and it brought up all the users with the last name "Doe".  From there I selected my name, and got the friendly underlined username that confirmed the correct username.

    Thanks again for the instructions!

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    Arjun Tank (Aj)

    Thanks for the additional input James!

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    Connor OBrien

    Awesome info, I have been having ambiguous issues during my office's Office 365 upgrade and experiencing where some user’s port over to the new Office 365 configuration and some just don't. Your info and the site really allowed me to get a handle on the situation and find a way forward, all this despite the fact I logged technical fault jobs with Microsoft only to become more confused than I was before I spoke to them.

    Really appreciate your time to post this.



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    Daniel Matias

    No problem Conner, I am always happy to help.

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